The List

I thought I would put the entire list of what I have in front of me here in the event my jar of small pieces of paper is destroyed!

As of January 2015, I have re-tooled The List. First I have all the projects that as of January 1, 2015 I have started but have not completed. I will use my lottery system to first complete all of those projects.

Next you see the rest of the projects I have the materials for, have agreed to complete, and have been rumbling around in my imagination; those projects will then be subject to the lottery.

I created a new page so you can see all of my completed projects, with pictures and links, on a separate page entitled, Finished Projects.

Unfinished Projects as of January 1, 2015
  1. Christmas Stocking for Son
  2. Grammie's Icicle Ornaments
  3. Autumn Quilt Cross Stitch
  4. Do something with Sunflower Shirt (Dresden Plate?)
  5. Diane's Wedding Quilt
  6. Finish all the random Christmas Ornaments
  7. Poinsettia Pillow (2-4)

New Projects to Complete
  1. Stop and Stitch the Flowers Cross Stitch
  2. Endless Hearts
  3. Summer Quilt Cross Stitch
  4. Bunnies and Strawberries Cross Stitch
  5. Guardian Angel Cross Stitch
  6. Flowers in Tall Vase Cross Stitch
  7. Madonna of the Streets Cross Stitch
  8. Babushka Dolls
  9. Christmas Stocking-Baby
  10. Valentine Stitchery
  11. Rainier Meadow Quilt
  12. A Merry Christmas Wall Hanging and Pillow
  13. Sweet Liberty Quilt
  14. Pajama Bottoms
  15. Strata Star Quilt
  16. 4th of July Table Runner
  17. Pieces of Spring Quilt
  18. Pieces of Summer Quilt
  19. Pieces of Autumn Quilt
  20. Pieces of Winter Quilt
  21. Grandma's House Backpack
  22. Re-useable Sandwich Bags
  23. T-shirt Toddler Dress
  24. Aprons for me and the Kids
  25. Easter Egg Wreath
  26. Wooden Firecrackers Inspired by this:
  27. Christmas Ball Wreath
  28. Felt Christmas Tree
  29. Star 4th of July Table Runner
  30. Heart Felt Bag
  31. Hanging Hearts for Christmas Tree
  32. Give me Liberty or Give me Death Wreath
  33. Cardboard Stars
  34. "Bookcase" for car
  35. Easter Chick for Decorations (from Mom-3 More)
  36. Transform Hoodie into Sweater
  37. Beatrix Potter Quiet Book
  38. Scrappy Stars Quilt
  39. Christmas Pinwheels Quilt
  40. Stamped Handkerchief (2)
  41. Stamped Tablecloth
  42. Diane's Fall Felt Thingy
  43. Sewing Machine Cover
  44. This playmat but bigger:
  45. Shirt Rug found here:
  46. Point Loma Cross Stitch
  47. Quilt out of Charity Quilt
  48. White Snowflakes on navy Aida for Christmas Tree Ornaments
  49. Mary Englebert Gingerbread Ornament
  50. Do Something with Tommy HIlfiger Skirt
  51. Christmas Apron for me
  52. Triangle Pillow Inspired by:
  53. Vintage Origami Ball Ornament
  54. READ mod lodge sign for reading nook
  55. Felt birds Inspired by :
  56. Burlap Heart Pillow Inspired by:
  57. Modern Cross stitch City Patterns
  58. 4th of July tin can wind socks
  59. 4th of July garland
  60. Scrap Quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts
  61. Crochet Snowflakes for Christmas Tree
  62. Floor Poufs
  63. Pillows for Allie and Annie
  64. New sewing bag
  65. Sewing Kit for park days


  1. Good Girl! You have inspired me :) Thank you!

    1. Awesome! Glad to help out! I just realized this weekend I have about five more projects to add to the list. It just never stops!