Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Martha Stewart Inspired Curtains

So, I don't love Martha Stewart. I just don't. I like her. She has some nice ideas but I don't think she is the end-all-be-all of home decor. Plus, I find most of the directions for crafts or recipes overly complicated. In the past, I have had to print them out, read, and re-read directions for crafts many times just so I can re-write and simplify them. But that's just me.

But, many moons ago, I found a cute way to use up all the men's handkerchiefs a person has laying around the house. I don't have the problem but what I do have is lots and lots of cloth napkins running around my house. Why do I have so many? I love linens and my mom and her best friend send them to me. However, I don't need a dozen sets of eight dinner napkins especially when I don't throw lots of dinner parties. But most of the ones they send me are beautiful (and the ones that aren't get donated so somebody else can love them) and I make curtains for my kitchen window out them.

Fall themed cafe curtains

I change the curtains in my kitchen window about every two-three months, depending on the season. Some of the curtains I have made; others my mom has made. It is one of those things that makes me happy. Plus, making these curtains is nothing more than sewing straight lines and there's no hemming since napkins are already hemmed for you. Bonus!

So my latest pull from the lottery was to take these beautiful fall napkins and make some curtains out of them. I forgot to take pictures through the different steps so you only get to see the final product. This was another great project because it only took me a short afternoon; I think I finished it during nap time! Bonus again!

Also, you get to see the sweet suspension bridge my husband built last summer in our backyard. It is pretty awesome!

So, what do you have lying around your house that could be used to make curtains? Want to make them for yourself? Here's the link!

Happy Sewing!

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