Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Baby!

Hi Everybody!

So, I'm sure you have surmised that since it has been silent here on Sewing By Lottery that I must have had my baby.

You would be right!

My Sweet Baboo was born right on her due date with not a lot of fuss or muss.

Just born!

About two weeks

About three weeks

She's now a little over a month old and with three kids running around, it's a little busy around here. I am trying my hardest to fit in some sewing (for my own sanity!) but I know that this time as a family is really precious and to not ask too much out of myself beyond keeping everyone fed, clothed and loved. :) 

I took a whole bunch of pictures of stuff my mom worked on while she was here-that woman likes to stay BUSY-so expect to see some of her great work in the next week or so. 

Take care and thanks for hanging in there with me!


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