Monday, September 9, 2013

Moms are Awesome (Part II)

Just a quick post today of some more stuff my mom made.

Some of these were made by her many years ago but she either got tired of them, couldn't find a place for them anymore or....who knows? I was very happy to give them a new home here.

The first two used to hang in her house. There is no date on them so I'm not sure when she completed them-I'll have to ask her. They are a nice addition to my family room.

Half of my family room doubles as a play room for the kids. Who am I kidding? My whole house is a playroom and the family room is just where the majority of the toys reside.

We originally saw this at Bayside Quilting  last year. I think she was feeling a little bad that she hadn't made much for my son (this was before the quilt she is currently working on), and I had originally intended to put it in his room.  But with the arrival of My Sweet Baboo in July, it made more sense to put it in the playroom.

She completed it last year but I hadn't gotten around to hanging it up so she did while she was here this summer. My mom loves to hang stuff-every time she is here I always have her hang a whole bunch of pictures and whatnot. Plus, she's really good at it!

I found the pennant at Cost Plus World Market! 

A fun map of the world!

I like all of the flags of the world as well. 

The kids like it and we have a lot of fun talking about all the different places in the world.

I was really happy to have my mom here for such a long time. She gave up five weeks of her life and in that time we organized my house, did a lot of cleaning and cooking, enjoyed each other's company and she got to have a lot of time with her grandchildren. I miss her but hopefully we will see each other soon!

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