Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm still here!

Hi Friends!

I haven't abandoned you, I promise!

Random pick of my little dinosaur still loving his hoodie!
We sold our house in September and had to be out by mid-November so starting November 1 we were in full on packing mode! I haven't had any of my sewing or crafting gadgets for close to three weeks! Usually I would be getting a bit itchy with no creative outlet, but I have been so exhausted by the time I had some time to craft that usually I just go to bed!

We moved into our new home this past Tuesday and we have been furiously unpacking. I'm trying to get at least my kitchen and my own bedroom in some semblance of normalcy before tackling getting the rest of the house organized and in some working order before I start decorating for Christmas.

Oh yes, I WILL decorate for Christmas.

What will be the living room one day.....
I was hoping to maybe get my sewing/crafting area up and going this weekend but I have had a minor snafu: while bringing the kids home from school this afternoon we were involved in a very minor car accident. The kids and I are fine, thank God, but I am a little sore.  Either way, I want to take it a little easy this weekend to rest up and get healthy before the Thanksgiving (I'm hoping for Tacosgiving in my family!) fun begins.

Found this little guy in the new garage! Why do I love it so much?
I'm hoping I can get the house up and rolling again and we can start December off with a BANG!

Take care,



  1. Kate - so sorry to hear about your car accident -- that's awful! I am relieved to hear you're all okay. How is the car? Hope it's drivable? Love the picture of the house - beautiful hardwood floors! I also love the pencil sharpener. How cool is that?! :-)

  2. Hi Mary! The car is ok-not drivable. The front passenger tire was completely blown and I wasn't able to open the passenger door. Thank goodness for insurance! Yeah, I love the pencil sharpener. It just makes me so happy!