Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP it good.


It is a beautiful sunny day here in the PNW! I've had three cups of coffee (it's only 10 AM) and I'm ready to go!

Have I gotten a ton of sewing done lately? Absolutely not! :) I did, however, scrap my idea for all the flowers in the window frame and I think I have come up with something better. Don't worry: I didn't toss the flowers---they will be used for another project; I can't let all that work just go to waste.

What I have been working on is my son's Christmas stocking. I realized that 2015 is more than half way over and I want this stocking done by this Christmas, so I've been plugging away at it in the evenings once the kids have gone to bed.

Now that I've finished the fireplace, it's moving pretty fast and it is fun to see it come together.

What are you doing today? Working on something new or plugging away on a project?

If you'd like to see other WIPs, check out Lee over at Freshly Pieced and there are lots of ideas there to inspire you!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday. That is going to be a really cute stocking!

    1. Thank you! My mom made this one for my brothers (and the matching ones for my sister and I) and they are just so beautiful. It feels great to continue the tradition!

  2. Cute stocking! I just read up on your lottery system. I'm impressed with your list of projects and your dedication to getting them all done! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment.

    1. Thanks Janine! I try my hardest to stick to the lottery but sometimes things creep in that need to be made! :) Thanks for stopping by!