Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christmas and Non-Christmas

As I continue to finish this map , I took pictures of all of the sewing projects I have. And yes, I do see the irony in using my precious non-children time to photograph instead of sew (and then to blog about it). Anyway, I thought of all the ways I could categorize these unfinished projects: Kid Stuff, Clothes, Wall Hangings, Toys, Gifts. But looking through it all I realized there are only two real categories: Christmas and Non-Christmas. So here's a little look through all of the Christmas items I have on deck.

Here are some ornaments I have started. I think there are about a dozen (maybe more). I have completed maybe two and need to back stitch (outline) the other four. I even have the aida ready to go for more ornaments.

Here's some close-ups. You can really tell what a difference makes when the back stitching is complete. The house looks kind of impressionistic but Santa looks nice and crisp.

So these bad boys need to be finished and then I have to figure out how to make them into ornaments.

As I look at a lot of the cross stitching that needs to be completed I realize that I really don't like back stitching. I try to convince myself that it looks kind of cool but I know that if I take the time to back stitch the finished project always looks so much better. Case in point: this stocking. It's done. All I need to do is back stitch the stupid thing (then send it to my Mom to make it into a stocking!).

Moving on....

This is probably one of the first things I ever cross stitched. The pattern is easily from the 70's (even though I am not). I don't even have the pattern anymore. I know it was in a book of various Christmas projects and I'm sad I can't find it because it had this really pretty face of Santa that looks great as a pillow. I know this because my mom did just that probably in the 70's. This being so dated I thought I might trash it but my sister suggested I cut them up and make door hangers out of them. So that's the plan with these. Anybody else have a suggestion? It's supposed to be a pillow if anyone cares.

Ok, the Christmas projects are many. But I am going to use my nap time wisely and carry forth with this post. Here we have two more cross stitch projects that just need to be finished. On top you see Santa. He's cute, right? My mom actually did that guy (she's a great cross stitcher) but she gave him to me to back stitch 'cause she really doesn't relish back stitching anymore than I do. On a side note she does have a little habit of starting cross stitch projects and then sending them to me to finish because the work is too small and she claims she can't see it as well as she used to. It works out though because I send her projects (she lives about 1500 miles from me) to finish like the Christmas stocking. Anyway, that was a big digression but super interesting, right? Right. My mom's awesome. So Santa. He needs to be back stitched. Below him is a Christmas sampler which is all done I just have to figure out what to do with it. I was thinking a pillow but if anyone has another idea let me know.

Look I found more ornaments:

Finally, yes-finally, here's the last of the Christmas stuff. On the bottom there is an angel and that is supposed to be an Advent calendar. I need to sew on some buttons and back it. The idea is to hang a different ornament from the buttons each day during Advent. There are camels, shepherds, sheep, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Small problem: I can't find them all. My small children have found them, played with them and then hid them in various parts of the house. I find them and think to myself,"I'm going to put them in this super safe spot and when I have them all I can finish that Advent calendar." Right. Well, I think I have like 5 super secret spots that are so super secret I can't remember where they are. Sometimes I think I am my own worse enemy.

On top of the Advent Calendar is a wall hanging. I'm going to cut off the bottom part and make that into a pillow (I really like pillows!) and then back the rest of it and throw it up on the wall. Finally, on top of that are some log cabin Christmas ornaments that I put together a few years ago. Again, they just need to be finished. I was thinking of giving them away as presents or maybe just put them on my tree. Who knows?

Well that is the sewing portion of Christmas crafts that are in the jar.

Here's where I am on the map:

I'm being kind of smart and back stitching as I go.

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