Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A bit of a delay

Right. So I had family in town last week and did not pick up a needle. We went all over the place here in Seattle and I was too tired at night to post anything. A bright note, I went to one of my mom's favorite quilt stores, Carriage Country Quilts, and walked away with NOTHING. Well, almost nothing. I got some great ideas for some curtains for my kitchen. Side note: I change the curtains in my kitchen about every two months. Just do. I love it. What's even more amazing is she and I were in there for more than an hour without  either one of us picking anything up. It did help that we both didn't have a wallet. We think it was a sign.

Anyway, I'm trying to catch up on some sewing (as well as cleaning around the house and planting fall vegetables/bulbs out front) and I will post again this week.

Plus I have to fix this:

In the midst of a huge temper tantrum, a certain three-year-old ripped an 18" hole at the top. Thankfully it was on a seam but I'm still not pleased. So that has to get done; although, I don't think this said three-year-old will be getting the tent back any time soon.

Happy Sewing!

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