Saturday, June 8, 2013

Apologies and a Baby Mobile

My goal last week was to post four new items to the blog. If you weren't paying attention, that didn't happen. I was so proud of myself to have four new items to show all of you. But Tuesday of last week dawned and I realized that while I had been sewing and crafting to my heart's content, I had kind of let my house go. Now, this normally wouldn't be a problem but we were having guests come into town to stay with us that weekend and we were going to a wedding Friday night. All of a sudden getting my house in semi-working order became priority #1 over sewing, photography and blogging. Plus, it is getting harder to move as quickly as I want to as this sweet baby gets closer and closer to being born.

So, my apologies. 

But I do have a great craft to show you. And let me tell you, I am SO PROUD of this little gem for many, many reasons. 

First, there was no pattern for me to follow. I was inspired by a picture I saw -probably somewhere on Pinterest-and just started started playing around with ideas. 

Second, I was able to use supplies that I had laying around the house. The only thing I bought was a $1.49 spool of ribbon. I was also able to re-purpose something that usually we would throw out. 

Third, it turned out SO. DARN. CUTE.

I present to you: the baby's mobile!

Isn't it cute????

Here's what I started with

My workstation: the kitchen table
 I used some leftover felt from a project that I abandoned earlier this ear, plastic to make templates, scissors, a chalk pencil, scrap paper, and (not pictured) my iPad to trace a raindrop to make a template.

The templates
 You will notice when I originally started I was going to have raindrops hanging from the clouds but when I was sewing them together they didn't look all that awesome. They also kind of looked like teardrops which I wasn't really going for, so I switched it out for hearts.

 I have another project to show you that uses clouds in it as well and used that template to make the clouds for the mobile.

Triangles for the sun. I used a bowl for the sun

Making the tent on top
 I was all done with this bad boy but it looked a little naked up top. I had taken apart the boats that had hung from my son's mobile and using that to hang the clouds and such. So, I looked at the tent topper (I have no idea what it is called) and kind of used that as a template to make the top for this mobile.

 I kept on playing with the top to make it work. I hemmed it first and put it on the mobile; realized I needed to baste down the edges of the hem and then sewed a little diagonal hem about 1/2" from all four corners so the prongs of the mobile would fit inside.

Isn't it lovely?

I'm so stinking proud of that top. Plus, I think it really finishes it. 

Now, all I have to do is find the mechanism that attaches to the mobile that makes it turn and plays music. I know it's around here somewhere but if I can't find it, I think the baby will like it anyway. My son and daughter do; they keep on asking to get in the crib to play with it.

Yay! One more project done!


  1. Whoa...turned out super cute. Grammie