Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Garland Revisted

Last year, I made this garland for a little St. Patrick's Day fun.

This year I am finally getting the broken blinds replaced and don't have a place to hang that HUGE garland. 

Enter this sweet little hutch my dad brought up from AZ this past summer. My parents moved and don't have a place for it in their new house and they were kind enough to haul it up to WA and give to me. I have had a lot of fun decorating with it. I though I would cut my garland down to size and hang it on the hutch. 

But it needed a little....something. 



It really needed glitter. 

I don't know if it's because I have a child in preschool or because glitter is just really awesome, but I am having quite the love affair with glitter lately. 

I scrounged around and found gold glitter leftover from a project Mom and I did a few years ago that involved glitter and mini-gourds. I had JUST enough to glitter three shamrocks. Little Missy was very excited to help me.

Here's how we did it:

We used glue, fine glitter (sometimes called scrapbook glitter), paint brushes and (the secret) AquaNet hairspray.

I mixed about 3 tbl of glue with about a teaspoon of water and we painted that onto the shamrock.

Then, working very quickly before the glue dried, we sprinkled the glitter all over the shamrock.
There were some dry spots so I would dab those with a little bit more of the glue mixture and then added more glitter. I let them all dry and then sprayed the shamrocks with short bursts of the hairspray. The hairspray really helps with keeping the glitter from falling off the shamrock.

Then I re-strung them onto the green ribbon and hung them on the hutch.
Side note: that little flower in the gold frame was the first thing I ever counted cross stitched!

It only bothers me a little that it doesn't go green-gold-green-gold

They didn't all come out QUITE how I wanted them to (I barely had enough glitter for the last one) but Missy kept on saying, "These are going to be beautiful, Mama." 

And you know what? 

They are.

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