Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Quilts Done!

I finally finished my sister's quilt! I'm very happy with it.

I wasn't sure if she was going to hang it in her house or actually use it as a blanket so I added these little triangles in the corner. She can easily put in a dowel and hang this if that is what she so desires.

Making these triangles makes it so much easier to hang!

The longest part was the hand quilting around the border but I like how I followed the pattern. I tried some other templates on my machine and they were just too intricate for my expertise level as well as my machine capabilities. Of course, about three days after I was done I found a pattern that would have been perfect and I would have been able to do on my machine but....I'll just tuck that away in the ol' brain box for some other quilt. Besides, it was kind of nice to do it by hand.

I did learn something with this quilt. For some reason I made my binding only 1 1/2" wide and it was something of a pain in the rear end to fold it over and attach.              
The binding is way too small!

The final product:

Lap quilt or easily a wall hanging


This other quilt is one that my mom started twenty-something years ago and it was supposed to go to my younger brother. But since procrastination/distraction/avoidance are hereditary (!) my mom didn't finish this until this past February when she brought it up to my house to complete. She and my dad came up for three weeks-'cause, you know, the ideal time to come to the Pacific Northwest is February/March. Anyway, she finished quilting it. She had originally tried to hand quilt it but it was causing her too much pain in her hands so she used a quilting template found here. It seemed to work pretty well for her.

Twin sized!

3' binding-much easier to work with!

Nice and easy quilting!

She wasn't able to finish the binding before she left so I told her I would finish that for her. Once I finished my sister's quilt, I was able to finish that one, too.

Makes me happy to have both of these quilts off my sewing table.

What next?

Gotta pull something from the lottery!

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