Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stop what you are doing and make this!

So last week on Facebook, I posted a little teaser about a project that I made in an afternoon.

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Seriously, the moon, planets and stars all lined up in a wondrous combination of beautiful weather so the older kids were playing outside, popsicles, and a baby that took an epic (and necessary) three hour nap.

I would have had this whole project done in that time if I had had all the pieces together in one place and didn't have to go hunting down the piping in the shed.  But once all the kids had gone down for the night, I was able to finish it.

What did I make? Oh, just the very first craft tutorial I every pinned on Pinterest.

It is a pincushion/thread catcher. You can find the tutorial right here.

I have followed many a tutorial on the internet and this was, by far, one of the easiest. I was able to use up some fabric from my stash and cross another item off of my lottery list. I'm going to give it to my mom for Mother's Day-it is a GREAT gift for Mother's Day, birthday, whatever. Make one for yourself.

The only thing I changed was I used some leftover piping my husband had for the pond outback as my "cording" and it worked just perfectly. When I was sewing it in, I just put the foot right on top of the piping with the needle as close to it as possible and sewed away. I only hit the piping once and it the needle didn't break.

Stop what you are doing and go make this!

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