Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Welcome for this Busy Mama

I just realized that it has been 11 days since I have posted anything and that's just not right. I looked around this weekend and realized I had two projects completely finished and two quilts that just need to be quilted.  I can't believe how productive I have been---oh wait, my house-while not in shambles-does need some attention. Oh well! I have four projects done!

To be completely honest, I have had the counted cross stitch portion of this one done for quite some time, I just wasn't sure how to frame it. It sat in the hoop for so long that I began to like the simplicity of it so I found a wooden hoop lying around the house and painted it pink. I'm not sure I entirely like the color of the hoop but for the time being it's not too shabby.

Don't worry: the frame is not THAT hot pink, it just kind of photographed that way. 

I really like this little wall hanging. I love it pretty much for its simplicity: there's no back-stitching, there's only a few colors but the little strawberry buttons give it such a nice touch! If I remember correctly, I had this little guy done in only a few short days. You can't beat it!

I grew up in Arizona where I never really welcomed Summer but since living in the Pacific Northwest for past 10+ years, I definitely welcome it now!

This sweet little number was designed by Waxing Moon Designs. However, they do not sell at the retail level. So if you go to their website and find something you like you can select their "Where to Find Our Patterns" page and hopefully find it there.  I know I bought mine online but I can't remember when I bought this or where I bought this, so you might have to do a little internet research.

More posts coming up shortly to show you some other things I have been working on!


  1. It's very pretty. I like it. Do you think summer is ever going to come to us here in the pacific northwest?

    1. Summer has to arrive sooner rather than later---hopefully not in mid-July like last year. I feel like we got robbed of summer last year.