Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The piecing begins!

I love piecing.

Actually, if I am to be totally honest, I really love the ironing part of piecing. When I iron the pieces together and see a perfect point has been made or the final design comes together, I am filled with a great sense of satisfaction. It makes me happy.

Plus, I love the smell of steam and cotton. But maybe that's just me. Side note:  when my mom comes into town she usually takes over all the ironing for me-God bless her- and I love sitting and talking with her while she irons because it smells so good-a hot iron, steam, cotton and lots of spray starch. It's a very comforting smell for me.

Anyway, I like piecing.
My three-year-old says it looks like the sewing machine is pooping!

Yes, you do see where I literally marked where to sew. I'm sure there was/is an easier way to do this step but this was how I did it. Don't worry, I used a fabric marker that is water soluble. This quilt called for two seams-one down the diagonal and then a second one 1/2" away-and then you cut between the two of them

Piecing away

Putting the blocks together.

Decided that all four pieces matching was boring. 

Oops! Nicked the corner there with the ol' rotary  cutter!

One whole completed block. Just need 24 more!

By the way, the name of quilt is called Jelly Roll Jive. You can find it here at A Graceful Stitch. What's pretty awesome about this pattern is that it is actually two patterns in one simply by changing a seam a whole new quilt emerges. 

The fabric I am using is a jelly roll by Moda called Sakura Park. I checked the Moda website and they don't sell it as a jelly roll. I also checked on and they are out of stock. But I'm sure if you want to get your hands on it a quick internet search will do the trick.

I originally saw this quilt at a quilt store in Sumner, WA called the Quilt Barn about three years ago and loved it. I also bought the jelly roll for this quilt at the same place about a month ago. If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, check them out!

Alright, as I continue to progress with the quilt, I will add more posts. 

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  1. so pretty. I love this pattern

  2. Thank you! I am having a lot of fun putting it all together!