Friday, April 11, 2014

Distraction Finished!

I finished all of the ornaments I made for the Wild Rose Quilt Shop!

Once completed they were pretty easy to put together as long as I didn't follow the directions given.

Here they are in all their glory-framed and everything!

They turned out really nice and the co-owner, Robbie, was thrilled with my work. It was nice to show off my handiwork. She is using them as samples for the kits she will be selling out of a store in Alaska at one of the cruise ports. 

The kits were great since they came with the Aida, floss, needle, frame, chart, and ribbons. Perfect little something to pick up and work on especially if you are on a boat. We debated with a few other customers which one we would pick if we were going to buy one. I chose the orca and the totem.

Which would you choose? 

Have a great weekend!

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