Monday, August 18, 2014

School Orientation!

Hello Friends!

Hope your Monday is going well. Have a good weekend?

I just got back from Orientation for Preschool! Bubba starts in a few weeks. Initially, I was a little worried about him being away from me (he is at a very clingy stage right now) but he was very excited to go look at his classroom and meet his teachers. He was not a happy camper when I told him it was time to go home and he cried all the way home. I think school will be great for him! I just can't believe it's already time. Where did the summer go?

Moving on....

Sewing-wise, I didn't get much done this week. We're doing lots of work on the house and the garden while the weather is gorgeous so sewing took a back seat this week.

Here is where I was at this time last week:

This is what I've accomplished:

Since last time I backstitched the quilt block in the upper-right hand corner, added in the quilt block on the lower right hand corner and added in the acorns and leaves. 

I'm kind of hoping to get the rest of this done this week--I'd like to cross it off my list!

Alright-that's it for this week! 

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Work on your art!


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