Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Small, fast update

Just a quick update: my folks are in town and I haven't found as much time as usual to sew. Mom brought a whole bunch of stuff for us to make Christmas ornaments together. We looked it over and thought it was going to be pretty easy and we would whip out a dozen in a few hours or so. yeah, that didn't happen. But we are experimenting and I'm documenting so I can share what we did with you.

I bought some fat quarters today to make patches to appliqué onto my son's quilt where the it has frayed.

The fish fabric is "Go Fish" for Timeless Treasure Fabrics of SoHo.  The plaid fabric is BungleJungle by Timbeck for moda. I don't know who makes the triangle fabric.

Yes, I know they don't exactly all match but I liked them all for different reasons and couldn't put them back after they were in my hands.

Onto what I have worked on this week.

Where I was last week:

Here I am today:
Not much progress.

With school starting next week-my oldest is starting Kindergarten!-I'm trying to capture these last few days of summer with them and not really worrying about much else. If I finish this week that would be great but...not too hurried.

Have a good week!

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