Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bees in my Bonnet

Last week I had a bee in my bonnet. And that bee was the plug to my sewing machine. I wanted it.

I needed it.

I tore my sewing area and bedroom apart looking for it.

My mother-in-law went through boxes I am storing at her house, looking for it.

I complained-both online and off- that all I wanted to do was to finish this ONE project.

I've been cross stitching so many projects--see them here  and here--but not being able to finish them to completion that I think I needed to finish something-anything-to feel like all was right in my little world.

Then I remembered: I am married to a hoarder   someone who doesn't easily throw things away. A man who has been into computes since the 80's. A man who has a shoebox filled with floppy disks. A man who has a legal box filled with adapters and plugs.

He used to have boxes and boxes of wires. 

A man who had not one but two but THREE of the types of adapters I needed.

Once I found it, I was up in running within 10 minutes. You see, last week I had a different bee in my bonnet-it was to use this fabric in order to make a pillowcase to go with the quilt my mom had made my son.
Fabric I'm usin'

Quilt it's going with (I was not an English major). 

He has a nautical theme on his side of the room and I thought the pillowcase would help tie things together nicely. 

Mom told me about this really easy YouTube tutorial she had used to make pillowcases and I had to try it out. 

The pillowcase couldn't have been easier to put together and it looks great. 

I followed the YouTube tutorial (found here) and less than an hour later I had this awesome pillow. 

I love the detail of the accent fabric. 

And it works perfectly with his bed! 

So easy. Seriously, go make a pillow today. All you need is a piece of fabric that is 24" x WOF, a coordinating piece that is 12" x WOF, and a 2" x WOF for the accent piece.

WOF = width of fabric

Not only did I make the pillow this week but I was able to finish my WELCOME cross stitch. 

This is where I was last week:

And here it is completed:
I hate my iPhone camera. 
If you are interested in making this cross stitch it is called "Gardening Welcome" and can be found here. I found it at Hobby Lobby earlier this year. It's been around for awhile-I think Mom made this at least 10-15 years ago.

Next big ticket item to find: the charger for my camera battery; these iPhone photos are horrible!

Until next week!


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