Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A cluttered desk

One of the reasons I have problems working on various projects is that some most of the time my work space is cluttered.
You can see my laundry basket of projects on the right and my stash of fabrics on the left.

I am fortunate to have a bedroom with enough room to accommodate my sewing stuff. It does get used a lot as a place to put stuff I don't want the kids to get or things I will put away later but later can be calculated in days or weeks and not hours.
A closer view of the chaos!

Last week I finally had enough and I found a home for everything on my table. In the process I found $10, six tubes of chapstick in various flavors, my daughter's Halloween costume from last year I had been looking for, as well as some tax forms I needed to finish our taxes. So, bonus!

A nice view of the backyard as I sew.

Nothing but my current project on the cutting board.

A clean and fairly organized work area. 

This should help to motivate me to finish the Fall Sampler!

What does your work space look like?


  1. It is already back to being a mess again, huh?

  2. It's not as bad but it's not project ready. I'm trying to keep it more tidy!