Friday, December 26, 2014

Last Ornament Post, I swear

Before Christmas, I was working hard. After I finished the ornaments from the last post, I took another look around my sewing area and realized I had these ornaments as well to finish.

I just love the simplicity of these ornaments. I do remember them being super fast to whip up! 

Here's how I finished them to hanging quality: 

1. All three of the ornaments (there are two girl ornaments for both my daughters) were on one piece of Aida, so I cut them out giving them a 1" border all around. They ended up being 5.25" x 6" finished. 

2. I then cut out the same size of batting and backing fabric. I decided to use batting as a stabilizer as well as to fill it out a little more and make it hang better. 

3. I cut out 3 4" pieces of navy grosgrain ribbon. I formed a loop with the ribbon and layered it along with the backing, batting and Aida and pinned everything together. I added a pin to the ribbon to keep it in place. 

4. I stitched a second border 1/4" from the design.

5. Using pinking shears, I cut right along the 1/2" border being very careful when I got the ribbon so as to not cut it. 

You are done!

They look this cute:

What are you working on? Something for CraftBusters? Remember, the deadline is December 30th!

Happy Crafting!


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