Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daisy Chain Quilt

Hi Friends!

I'm gonna be honest with you: I am having a hard time sitting down and blogging. It's not that I'm not doing any sewing/crafting (I've been working furiously on this latest quilt), I just feel like everything I write is so boring! Hopefully, that is just me. I'll work on blogging more and posting more pics on social media.

The next pick in the Lottery was to make my niece a quilt for her bed. In 2103, I made her sister one and now it is her turn.  When she came and visited me last summer, I had two jelly rolls of fabric she could choose from; either a '30's reproduction fabric or another roll with lots of cherries, blues and greens. I was almost certain she was going to choose the cherry roll but she opted for the 1930's reproduction and I'm glad she did. I was able to use the cherry roll to make my first charity quilt and while I have been sorting through this roll for her and picking sewing the pieces together to make the blocks I realized this is probably more suited for her.  She's going to be 10 soon and while this fabric still has a "little girl" feel to it, with the addition of the black and mustard yellow fabrics I feel that it is still going to be cool for her as she becomes a teenager and not feel like a "baby" quilt.

Lots of happy colors and prints!

I also had her pick what kind of pattern she wanted and she chose the same Daisy Chain pattern I used to make my daughter's quilt for her bed (also with 30's reproduction fabric). It's not often that I do the same pattern twice (for quilting or cross stitch) but I remember having fun making this quilt originally and am happy to be doing it again.

I'm using the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott again. I've made about three of their patterns and I really like how they lay out the directions to the quilt, use lots of pictures and give multiple fabric ideas for the same pattern. I also thought it was pretty cool when I emailed them a question they emailed me back within a day or two. I highly recommend this book!

So at this point I have all the pieces ready to make blocks!

Go do your craft, I'm gonna!


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