Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another WIP Done!

Hi Friends!

Just a quick update. I crossed another item off of my List this weekend. What's sad is that I thought I had crossed this item off the List last Fall but I didn't do a good job and had to re-do my work. So sad.

I fixed my son's quilt (I've talked about it here and here). I was down at the West Seattle Fabric Company last week with my mom and found this adorable panel of animals that I thought I could use to make bigger patches on Ben's quilt. Did I take a picture of that panel before I cut it all up? Of course not!

Anyway, I used a polar bear, owl and penguin to cover a lot of the gaps in the fabric and then added some extra fish, star and whale appliqués  for holes that were all by themselves. This time I blanket stitched around all of them so they don't come out when I put it in the wash (which may have happened last time).

I had the kiddos help me take pictures by holding the quilt while it hung over the deck.

I've already started on the next project to cross off my list. When I get a little farther along, I'll post my progress!

Happy Crafting!


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