Friday, January 30, 2015

The Ugly Duckling of Quilts

Hi Everybody!

I've been plugging away on the backing of my ugly quilt and, frankly, I'm going to have to stop calling it ugly pretty soon because the backing I am making for it is awesome. Just awesome.

The pattern is not mine but it can be found over at Lucy's Quilts! You have to email Alicia asking for the pattern and she asks that you make a small donation in her name to Lutheran World Relief but it is  well worth it! I'm already thinking about the next quilt I am going to make out of this pattern!

Here's where I am at with my version of the quilt.

As you can see it has a stained glass window effect to it. I have a few details that I am adding to make it my own but I am having a great time working on it. I'm hoping to have it all pieced together by the end of the weekend. 

It's going to be too pretty to be the back of a quilt so it will definitely be the quilt top for my picnic quilt. 

What's everybody else working on this weekend? 

Have a Happy Friday!


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